Journal of Toxicology and Pharmacology

Articles in Press

Volume 2, Issue 1

  • Evaluation of Sub Chronic Toxicity of Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder in Mice

    Indres Moodley


  • Nicotine Exposure Before the Onset of Organogenesis Induces Irreversible Embryo Toxicity in Zebra fish

    Derron Ricardo Taite and Mohammad Kutub Ali


  • Protective Effects of Ferulic Acid on Respiratory Injuries in PM2.5- Induced Asthmatic Rats

    Yanli Zhou, Shaowei Wu, Wenyan Lao, Shengquan Mi, Shijie Chen, Yangxiong Zhu and Xiaohong Zhao


Volume 3, Issue 1

  • Effects of Long Term Exposure to Sub-lethal Concentrations of Diazinon on Blood Parameters of Alligator Gar (Atractosteus spatula)

    Ahmad Omar-Ali, Russell L. Carr and Lora Petrie-Hanson


  • Therapeutic Effect of Quercetin against Methotrexate - Induced Male Infertility

    Olajumoke Omolara Ojo, Oluwatumininu O. Adesua and Oyewunmi Titiloye


Volume 4, Issue 1

  • Evaluation of ATSDR’s Inhalation and Oral MRLs and EPA’s RfCs/RfDs: Similarities, Differences, and Rationales


  • Snake and Scorpions Venom Studies of Detection and Comparison with Medical Data of Different Biological Samples

    Pandhare AT, Gaikwad VB, Toche RB, Kale RR, More BP, Pawar SG and Kulkarni KV


Volume 5, Issue 1

  • Milmed Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Activity on Central Nervous System Cells

    Maggi E, Armeli F, Mengoni B, Leo M, Filetici P, Mancini P, Lenz T, Businaro R and Archer T


  • Study on the Mechanism of Feiyiliu Mixture in the Treatment of Radiation-Induced Lung Injury Based on Network Pharmacology

    Xuemeng Pang , Houhao Cai and Xin Zheng


  • Acute and Subacute Toxicity of Annona senegalensis Pers. and Annona muricata L. (annonaceae) and their Effects on Biochemical and Haematological Parameters on Wistar Rats

    Awa NDONG*, Robert FAOMOWE FOKO, Fatoumata BAH, Jessica Carmelia MBEMBA PELEKA, Aminata TOURE, Yaghouba KANE, Guata Yoro SY and Mamadou FALL