Open Access

Open Access journals are readily available online after publication which tends the users to easily read and download the content of full texts and use it for any lawful and legal purposes providing the authors, copyright of their work licensed under Creative Commons Attribution licence. When it comes to research, Open Access tends to play a key role in getting views of millions of readers online. It is not only the authors always who are vital for a research but also the readers to whom the aim of the research needed to be understood.

Open Access, after the moment of its inception into the modern digital world, it has changed the phase of research. With its own way of benefit of free accessibility, Open Access gained interest of millions of scholars to publish their articles. Another major benefit of open access is the ability to get maximum viewership for the most deserved research among their respective fields. Digital availability of research has been the most easily accessible way for Open Access platforms.

SOAJ believes Open Access to be the key platform for the modern day research and all of our journals are of Open Access. All our published articles come under Open Access and thus comply with the "Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing".

License: SOAJ relies and complies with the Creative Commons Attribution Licence for all of the content published, where the content is freely accessible, can be distributed and printed only if the sources are credited appropriately. Creative Commons Attribution Licence comes in the interest of public to support Open Access Movement all over the world.