Nursing and Advanced Health Care

Current Issue

Volume 1, Issue 1

  • Effect of a Preceptor Intervention on Student Self-Confidence in Patient Safety

    Linda Creadon Shanks, Michele I. Zelko, Sheau-Huey Chiu, Eileen Fleming and Sandy Germano


  • HESI: A Quality Improvement Study

    Sarah Locke, Jalpaben Patel and Jessica Naber


  • Examination of Classroom, Clinical and Simulation Learning Environments in Undergraduate Nursing Education

    Leslie Graham


  • RPN-to-BScN Bridging Education: An Imperfect and Challenging Journey to Reap Personal and Professional Rewards

    Sue Coffey, Hilde Zitzelsberger, Charles Anyinam, Rick Vanderlee, Leslie Graham, Gail Lindsay, Karen MacDonald, Marianne Cochrane, Zainab Lulat, Louie Tran, Derek Manis, Nicole Deziel and Evan Keys


  • Quality of Life of Patients with a Tracheostomy after Discharge

    Nesrin Nural, Yasemin Çıracı, Yavuz Uyar and Ziya Saltürk


  • Content Analysis of Food Advertisements Addressed to Children and Adults in Andalusia

    Jose A. Ponce-Blandón, Manuel Pabón-Carrasco and Mercedes Lomas-Campos