Scientific Open Access Journals (SOAJ) comes up with the membership program in order to render the authors expedite their publishing work with ease. Membership with SOAJ makes you get associated with us to put yourself more in the world with your research. It also enables the authors to publish their valuable research in our open access journals without any further processing charges.

Benefits of Membership

  • Unrestricted Publication: Membership with SOAJ allows you to publish unlimited papers in any of our open access journals.
  • Immediate visibility after Acceptance: Publication process for our members is constant fast paced, as there would be only one-time payment which will further reduce our few extra steps to process your paper.
  • Bundled Benefits: SOAJ as a budding open access platform always rolls out new ideas and schemes where our membership-holders would be the first ones to receive the benefits in the future.

Membership Schemes

Our membership schemes fall under two categories as below:

  • Annual Membership ($1500) - With annual membership, authors can avail benefits for their submissions for a year with single time payment.
  • 5 Year Membership ($5000) – Authors avail membership benefits with one- time payment for five years. These membership holders will be able to enjoy all our current as well as future beneficial schemes.

For more details about membership, contact with your name, affiliation and type of membership interested.