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Peer-Review Process

Peer review plays an essential role in ensuring the quality of scientific output evaluated by eminent scholars in the same field.


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Publication Ethics

Our Scholarly Journals adhere to the ethical standards as prescribed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).


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Article Processing Charges

Article Processing Charges (APC) constitutes the central mechanism for funding the open access based scholarly publishing.


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SOAJ comes up with the membership program in order to render the authors expedite their publishing work with ease.


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Our Open Access Journals

Latest Research News

Breast cancer: A Death Cause in USA

Researchers at University of Missouri surveyed and found that less educated women are believing in Breast Cancer as a leading cause of female deaths.

Human Lung Disease in Dogs

Michigan State University reported the rare and severe form of pulmonary hypertension which is a human lung disease can also be seen in dogs now.

New Tool to Diagnose Zika

An inexpensive prototype has been developed to identify Zika virus presence using RNS sensors. An online success story reported that the prototype tested Zika virus in blood plasma.

Octopus shows Unique Hunting Behavior

UC Berkeley and California Academy of Sciences researchers found that the larger Pacific striped octopus has a unique hunting strategy.