Journal of Allergy and Immunology

Table of Contents

Volume 1, Issue 1

  • Turning Ones Own Hopes to Alternative Medicine Revealed Its Dramatic Failure in Italy

    Salvatore Chirumbolo

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  • Reproductive Outcomes and General Health in Women with High Natural Killer Cell Levels

    Sophie Templer and Gavin Sacks

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  • Ocular Allergy: an Updated Review

    Buraa Kubaisi, Khawla Abu Samra, Sarah Syeda, Alexander Schmidt and Stephen C. Foster

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  • Adjuvant use of Omalizumab in Beta-Lactam Desensitisation

    Joanna Julia Lukawska, David Thursfield, Giuseppina Rotiroti, Magdalena Dziadzio and Michael Brown

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  • Anaphylaxis after First Exposure to Ophthalmic Cyclopentolate 1%

    Alexandra Langlois and Moshe Ben Shoshan

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  • Second Reported Case of Buffalo Milk Protein Allergy without Cross Reactivity to Cow’s Milk

    Sameer Bahal, Rhea A Bansal and Amolak S Bansal

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