Article Processing Charges

Article Processing Charges (APC) constitutes the central mechanism for funding the open access based scholarly publishing. Scientific Open Access Journals applies minimal APC which covers the overall editorial work flow, production, long-term hosting thereby allowing permanently unrestricted online access to the published works.

Open Access has always been the promising platform for accessing research output of various fields without any obstacles of paying fee for reading or accessing the articles. It enables the scholarly articles to be viewed by majority of enthusiasts who wish to see the trends of research in vast areas of arts, science and engineering.

Under Gold Open Access model, authors pay towards the journals for the publication of their articles. SOAJ takes a nominal amount from author’s budget or by their supporting/funding institution for publishing their articles, which is needed to maintain journals, data hosting, to make improvements to the article before publication and process articles via peer-review process.

The following are the Article Processing Charges charged by Scientific Open Access Journals. Charges are payable once the article has been accepted for publishing.

Journal Title APC
Advances in Critical Care Medicine $259
Archives of Biomedical Research $259
Case Reports in Health and Medicine $259
Clinical Anesthesia and Pain Management $259
Clinical Orthopedics & Traumatology $419
Heart and Circulation $519
Integrative Cancer Biology and Research $519
Journal of Allergy and immunology $259
Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology $259
Journal of Hematology and Serology $259
Journal of Hepatology & Gastroenterology $319
Journal of Infectious diseases diagnosis and Therapy $259
Journal of Medical Education and Training $699
Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Radiology $259
Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics $519
Journal of Oral Health and Dental Care $419
Journal of Pulmonology and Respiratory Therapy $259
Journal of Toxicology and Pharmacology $419
Modern Aspects of Transplantation $259
Neurological Disorders and Stroke Therapy $219
Nursing and Advanced Healthcare $419
Ophthalmic Research and Visual Sciences $219
Pediatric Research and Neonatal Care $219
Surgery: Open Access $319