Archives of Biomedical Research

Editorial Board

Editorial Board Members

Brian Wigdahl
Professor and Chair, Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Director, Institute for Molecular Medicine and Infectious Disease
Director, Center for Molecular Virology and Translational Neuroscience
Drexel University College of Medic
United States

Lubica Rybarova
Vice Dean for International Relationship an Development
Faculty of Health care
University of Presov

Sotiris Korossis
Director of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Cardiothoracic, Transplantation and Vascular Surgery
Hannover Medical School

BumJoon Kim
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
College of Medicine
Seoul National University
Korea, Republic of

Mazhar I Khan
Department of Pathobiology
University of Connecticut
United States

Mehmet Mutlu
Department of Biomedical Engineering
TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Kwang Hyun Baek
Department of Biomedical Science
CHA University
Korea, Republic of

Luis F Plenge Tellechea
Professor Researcher in Biochemistry
Department of Chemical biological sciences

Hector E. Jaramillo
Science and Engineering of Materials Research Group
Energetic and Mechanical Department
Engineering Faculty
Autonoma de Occidente University

Kamil Kuca
Professor in Toxicology
Faculty of Military Health Sciences
University of Defence
Czech Republic

Thavi Govender
Research Professor
Catalysis and Peptide Research Unit
School of Health Sciences
University of KwaZulu Natal
South Africa

Rene Delgado Hernandez
Senior Research on Pharmacology
Institute of Food and Pharmacy
President of Cuban Society of Pharmacology
Academic of Cuban Academy od Science
Havana University

Weili Huang
Founder and Principle Scientist
Miracle Query, Incorporated
United States

Padmanaban S Suresh
Assistant Professor
Department of Biosciences
Mangalore University

Abbas Mirshafiey
Department of Immunology
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Liu Xiangmei
Associate Professor
School of Materials Science Engineering
Hubei University

Saima Zafar
Department of Neurology
Prion Research Group
University Medical Center Göttingen
United States

Rose Mmusi Phetoe
Senior Lecturer
Department of Health Studies
University of South Africa
South Africa

Arcady A Putilov
Research Institute for Molecular Biology and Biophysics
Department of Biophysics and Bioengineering
Russian Federation

Matthew J Ware
Post Doctorate Associate
Department of Surgery
Baylor College of Medicine
Division of Surgical Research
United States

Maryam Nezafat
Department of Medicine(Cardiovascular Division)
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Harvard Medical School
United States

Majid Pouladian
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Science and Research Branch
Islamic Azad University
Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Luís Serrano
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Public University of Navarra

Christina Zong Hao Ma
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Michigan
United States

Ruben Machado
University of Aberdeen
United Kingdom

Haseeb Zubair
Department of Oncologic Sciences
USA Mitchell Cancer Institute
United States

Elvis Freeman Acquah
Discipline of Physiology
School of Medical Sciences
Sydney Medical School
University of Sydney

Giulia Malaguarnera
Department of Neuropharmacology
University of Catania

Alessandra Pelagalli
Department of Advanced Medical Sciences
University of Naples Federico II

MarÍa Elizabeth Márquez Contreras
Department of Biology
Faculty of Science
University of the Andes

Katharina Rump
Clinic for Anesthesiology
Intensive Care and Pain Therapy
University Hospital of Bochum
United Kingdom